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GaMaYo 22 Showcase #7:
Dunk Dunk demos at GaMaYo

Happy GaMaYo Eve!

26 games will be demoing tomorrow at Tileyard North, Wakefield, and we will keep hyping them up AND putting a spotlight on the brilliant developers behind them until those doors open and you can get your hands on them!

Next up is…

Dunk Dunk

This is being developed by the team at Badgerhammer and Nick Gripton filled us in on what to expect and how it started out…

What would be your description of Dunk Dunk?
“Dunk Dunk is an easy-to-learn pick-up-and-play party game with a deep skill curve, developed by a duo of dads in their free time… over five years… with zero budget. The Dunk Dunk universe is filled with quirky customizable characters, spectacular goal celebrations, and wacky arenas setting the scene for GIFable moments that players will want to share. With its unique literal “block” system and full 360 arm control, it’s a gameplay experience that’s as rewarding to master as it is fun to pick up.

Summed up, it’s like Smash Bros meets Rocket League.

How did development start? (Were there any key inspirations or ideas that drove you?)
We set out right from the start to make a party game. Something you could play with your mates or your family. Our previous game was a puzzle game, which meant we had to make lots of levels and test them thoroughly for exploits, sooo much time, and not amazing fun. Inspired by the dash movement of Fox in Smash Brothers we wanted to make a game with a lot of exciting movement options. Something you could pick up and play, but with a deep skill curve that left room for replayability and personal improvement. Kind of like fighting games, anyone can pick them up, mash the buttons and have fun, but being a master requires practice.

Initially it was a two stick control scheme, we always loved the level of immersion and accurate control you got from games like Skate or Fight Night. But while demoing a prototype at Rezzed we realised that the two sticks weren’t very intuitive for new players. NickH reprogrammed the controls to be classic Mario style Left Stick + two buttons in a Pizza Express that night and the next day we really saw a difference in the instant engagement and quick improvement of players at every skill level. The two stick controls remain in there for the dedicated, we call them ‘Pro Controls’.”

Tell us about the team behind Dunk Dunk?
Long story short… We met nearly 30  years ago on our first day starting a degree in Fine Art. We’ve been best friends ever since. We spent a year on the dole together. We commuted to London together for a year. Ran a badly named online ad agency together. Ran a web games company together. Worked for the hugest brands. Lived on opposite sides of the planet for more than half of those years. And now with our own careers and families we’re making indie games together as a hobby.”

What kind of experiences do you hope to bring players?
“We want to bring people together to laugh and have fun. A story we love to tell is when we “forced” a grandma to take a controller when demoing at the Science & Media Museum in Bradford. Afterwards she came to us on the verge of tears and thanked us for making her play. She explained that she’d always seen her grandkids playing video games, and wanted to share and enjoy it with them, but felt like she wouldn’t be able to.

Being fun for everyone is so important, but we don’t want it to stop there, the game has depth that allows you to skill yourself up and become a real master. We’ve watched a pair of teenagers sit and play it for hours before an exhibition opened, working out strategies and discovering new ways to play. And if you ever have the bad luck to play against anyone from the Chorlton Indies, they’ve had more than a year’s worth of levelling up, they are MACHINES!

In 10 words or less, highlight the appeal of Dunk Dunk?
“Pick-up-and-play dunk party fun for everyone.”

Look forward to seeing Dunk Dunk and trying it out in person at GaMaYo, May 23rd, Tileyard North, Wakefield.

You can also check out the Steam page HERE and make sure to Wishlist if you like what you see. It goes a long way to get the word out there and support independent developers.

If you would like to come to this event and/or join the GaMaYo network and develop games or support the games industry – then visit our Discord or Facebook group.


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