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GaMaYo is a free, informal network of people that make videogames in Yorkshire and the North of England that hosts twice-yearly events in Leeds.

GaMaYo is for anyone in Yorkshire and the North that makes games – console games, handheld games, PC games, browser games, mobile games, tablet games, VR games, AR games, board games, location based games… You’ll be making games full-time, part-time, or in your own time – this is a network for all kinds of game makers, pros, hobbyists, and freelancers, aimed at individuals rather than companies.

There’s a hotbed of talent in Yorkshire and Humber, the North East and North West, and we bring all of these people together to form a network that helps to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and mutual support. Most of our activity takes place on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our twice-yearly free events.

The GaMaYo events are free and feature more than 250 games-makers – the largest developer gathering in the North of England. GaMaYo events also feature an opportunity for more than 20 of our members to showcase their games. If you are a games developer in Yorkshire or the North of England, you can apply to join GaMaYo.

If you are a games-related business (eg. publisher, platform-holder, insurance company, solicitor, game engine provider, server/cloud service provider) you can access GaMaYo events through sponsorship. Recruitment agencies are not permitted to attend GaMaYo events. For more information about sponsorship, hit the link.

GaMaYo is owned and run by Game Republic Ltd.

ClubIT TV report from GaMaYo #11

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