We hold GaMaYo events twice a year in Leeds for more than 250 games developer members based in Yorkshire, the North East and North West of England.

Once you’re a member, just register, turn up, grab a drink, meet other game makers like yourself!

Feel free to bring laptops, phones, tablets, DIY booths and gadgets to show off your work-in-progress or recent creations to anyone interesting that you bump into on the night, which can include publishers, platform-holders and other games industry support companies.

You can also apply for a TV screen to show off your work informally on the night.

Are you a publisher, platform-holder, or support company for games devs? You can attend the event if you sponsor – GaMaYo is a free network that relies on sponsorship to run its events. Join in, meet developers in the biggest event of its kind in the North, and check out more than 20 new locally-made games every event!

FACT: Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts, Laser Dog’s PKTBALL and many more hit games debuted at previous GaMaYo events.

The next GaMaYo #13 event is on Thursday 16th November, at Shooters Bar in Leeds from 6pm.

Previous events:

GaMaYo #12 – 27th April, 2017

GaMaYo #11 – 24th November, 2016

GaMaYo #10 – 21st April, 2016