GaMaYo #10

Snake Pass from Sumo Digital

GaMaYo #10

6:30pm, Thursday, 21 April 2016,

Shooters Sports Bar, Leeds

Guests included Yogscast, Keymailer, Unity and Special Effect

Featured more than 20 new games from the region, including:

Fleet Feet – TickTock Games
Pocket Galaxy – Canalside Studios
Pandora – Party Llama Games
Splodey Vaders – Scared Square
Corporate Salmon – AlexVSCoding
Viral – Fierce Kaiju
In The Grey – Chris Fagan
Time is an Island – G Spence/S Curran
Dream Machine – GameDigits/Red Kite Games
Candy Ghosts – Wetgenes
Welcome to Earth – Wide Awake Studios
Snake Pass – Sumo Digital (video below)