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GaMaYo 22 Showcase #4:
Witchmarsh: Tea Party of the Damned to demo at GaMaYo

Thursday 23rd May 2024 at Tileyard North, Wakefield is when & where the next GaMaYo is taking place!
You all know that by now and are here for the real meat and bones. Info on the demos appearing on the big day AND insight into the brilliant minds behind them. You’ve come to the right place!

If you would like to come to this event and/or join the GaMaYo network and develop games or support the games industry – then visit our Discord or Facebook group.

The fourth GaMaYo highlight is a returning premise from last year invigorated with new life & a new story to tell. Here is…

Witchmarsh: Tea Party of the Damned

This is being developed by the team at Inglenook and there is a trailer before as well as a Q&A with Lou Sgarbi to fill us in on more…


What would be your description of Witchmarsh: Tea Party of the Damned?
Witchmarsh: Tea Party of the Damned is a short, party-based RPG set in the 1920s. 

Players create a team of investigators and lead them through a subterranean mega-dungeon, hidden beneath the streets of Jazz Age New England.

How did development start? (Were there any key inspirations or ideas that drove you?)
Development started in 2013, shortly after the pitch for our game took off on Tumblr. We then launched a Kickstarter in 2014. Since then we’ve been developing Witchmarsh, but as a team of two it turned out to be a bigger project than we could handle. Development got bogged down, overran, and then about a year ago we decided to break the cycle by trying something different. 

We’re now aiming to release a smaller Witchmarsh adventure first, which we’ve titled ‘Tea Party of the Damned’. The relief we felt after switching to a project more realistic in scope can’t be understated, and we’re now aiming for Early Access release in 2024, before moving on to the full project once more.

Tell us about the team behind Witchmarsh?
We’re two indie devs working out of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, so we’re immensely hyped that GaMaYo is coming to our home town. Tileyard North is such an excellent venue for game devs to meet and work in!

What kind of experiences do you hope to bring players?
We want to create CRPG games with dense narrative and robust systems, but which also have a sense of whimsy. In our new trailer, you can see cheeky talking rocks, golems wearing loincloths, and many other cute and interesting characters, but behind the cute pixel art graphics, we’re hoping to deliver in-depth systems which allow a lot of player choice and customisation.

In 10 words or less, highlight the appeal of Witchmarsh: Tea Party of the Damned?
“‘Pixel art madness with a Jazz Age soundtrack!’ is about how I’d sum it up

You recently launched the steam page, how’s that going?
“So far very well, we’ve got 2000+ wishlists in the first week, and the feedback on the trailer has been positive. Now the next step is to launch the campaign on Steam Early Access, which we hope will go live some time in 2024.”

Look forward to seeing Witchmarsh: Tea Party of the Damned and trying it out in person at GaMaYo, May 23rd, Tileyard North, Wakefield.

You can also check out the Steam page HERE and make sure to Wishlist if you like what you see. It goes a long way to get the word out there and support independent developers.

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