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Snowglobe Interactive to demo
Book of Bhanu at GaMaYo

It’s that time again!

(Thursday 23rd November, Tileyard North, Wakefield. In case you didn’t know by now)

What more could you want? If the answer is sneak peaks and insights about the games and developers ahead of the big day, then you are in for a treat!

This time round we are talking about…

Book of Bhanu

This is being developed by Snowglobe Interactive and we asked Jacob Blanchard to fill us in on what to expect.

What would be your description of Book of Bhanu?
Jacob – “Experience a captivating journey with Book of Bhanu, a narrative driven, exploration, puzzle game from Snow Globe Interactive at the University of Huddersfield. Embark on a perilous adventure through the Kaya mountains with Bhanu and her spiritual guardian, encountering fascinating characters and overcoming challenging obstacles. Book of Bhanu combines the best of Death’s Door and Last Campfire to create a unique gameplay experience with stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and immersive gameplay. It has been awarded several awards from Game Republic.”

How did development begin? Were there any key inspirations or ideas that drove you?
Jacob – “Development started as a university project back in January. I knew I wanted to create a short experience that hooked players into a story all the while being stimulated by puzzles and exploration. We looked into two games: Death’s Door, for the camera angle, and Last Campfire for the type of experience.”

Tell us about yourself / the team working on the game? (Where are you from? How did you get started?)
Jacob – “Our group is made up of all graduates that are from the University of Huddersfield. Some are from projects I had worked with previously; others were recommended by our tutors at the time. We are now scattered around the UK not too far from one another so we are working remote.”

What experiences or feelings do you hope to bring to the players?
Jacob – “We want to bring a captivating and memorable story to our audience, one that is short but lasts long with the player. Around the time that stray came out was when this idea began to form about shorter games but ones that have a memorable impact that allows others to connect and talk about the experience.”

In 10 words or less, highlight the appeal of Book of Bhanu?
Jacob – “A compelling narrative with a high focus on atmosphere.”

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