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Labrador Studios to demo
Village of Layne at GaMaYo

5 games shown off so far and 3 weeks to go until the next GaMaYo on Thursday 23rd November at Tileyard North in Wakefield. Don’t go thinking we are done yet!
We are continuing our highlights of some of the games that are going to be on show at GaMaYo as well as getting insight from the talented people behind them!

Next up is…

Village of Layne

This is being developed by Labrador Studios and we asked Matthew Hamilton to fill us in on what to expect.

What would be your description of Village of Layne?
Matthew – “A multiplayer JRPG that allows for character customization that mimics a western RPG. A unique combat system and exploration drives players to diversify team makeups and think outside the usual RPG box. The title of the game is Village of Layne.”

How did development begin? Were there any key inspirations or ideas that drove you?
Matthew – “Key inspirations were Octopath Traveler and Dungeons and Dragons. Design has been iterated upon over years and the combat demo is in its infancy but provides a good demonstration of what we hope to achieve.”

Tell us about yourself / the team working on the game? (Where are you from? How did you get started?
Matthew – “Currently the team is myself, Jack Thompson, Allan Tusiime and Michael Knight. We are a small group of Designers / Developers. We are located in England, with the majority of us in Yorkshire. Our first game was Live by the Sword: Tactics, an original IP.”

What experiences or feelings do you hope to bring to the players?
Matthew – “We are looking to bring a new but familiar experience, RPGs are older than most people in the game industry but we want to try to put our own spin on it, allowing multiplayer and the carrying of progression made on a character no matter on what system or who you play with.”

In 10 words or less, highlight the appeal of Village of Layne?
Matthew – “Familiar systems draw in players, new experiences keep them playing.”

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