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Fruity Systems to demo Space Salvage at GaMaYo

Thursday 23rd November is GaMaYo and we are continuing our look at the fantastic games that are going to be on show as well as more talks with the talented people behind them!

Next up is…

Space Salvage

This is being developed by the team over at Fruity Systems and we asked Paul Tapper & Yasmina Fadel to tell us a bit more.

What would be your description of Space Salvage?

Paul – “Space Salvage is a darkly comedic retro sci-fi VR game, with overarching narrative aimed at the Meta Quest 2; featuring PCVR compatibility. Get started at your new job as a trainee pod operative for Space Salvage Corporation. Learn to skilfully manoeuvre your way through the galaxy in your one-person utility craft. Flying through the galaxy can get lonely. Thankfully, your enthusiastic, but amoral pod computer will keep you company, but remember, in space, no one can hear you clean!”

How did development begin? Were there any key inspirations or ideas that drove you?

Yasmina – “Development began in April 2021 when our CEO, Paul, had fallen for VR as a game medium after “borrowing” his youngest son’s Quest 2 over lockdown.  He noticed an underserved market, the sci-fi adventure genre hadn’t been explored on Meta Quest’s standalone headsets yet, so he had a go at making his own, backed by decades of experience working in the games industry. Slowly but surely a team of young passionate individuals was gathered to join forces in creating Space Salvage.”

Tell us a bit about Fruity Systems and the team working on Space Salvage?

Paul –
“Our team is made up of 9 full time employees and a few contractors, most of which are based in north Yorkshire with a few internationals in France and the USA. We are a fully digital office working off discord but try our best to meet once every couple of months to catch up!”

As an individual or team, what experiences do you hope to bring to the players?

Yasmina –
“Fruity Systems hopes to deliver VR games that transport the player into a rich and diverse game world ready for you to discover! For a long time the VR market has been flooded by “experiences”. We want to focus on making products that feel like fully fleshed out games with depth to them while playing on the strengths of VR’s immersion and physicality. Additionally, we know “VR legs” take a while to form so as a sidequest, we put a lot of effort into making our games accessible for those with motion sickness and mobility issues- for this reason Space Salvage is designed to be played while seated.”

In as few words as possible, highlight the appeal of Space Salvage?

Paul – “Turn your Ikea chair into a ship to explore a “red-dwarf”-esque galaxy!”

Space Salvage is single player, but is there any way to interact with friends within the game?

Yasmina – “We really wanted players to be able to interact with friends but didn’t have the bandwidth for multiplayer for this release. As a compromise there are races and all kinds of other challenges connected to online leaderboards and your friends list so you can beat your friends time and participate in future community events which can be tracked on our Discord!”

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