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Gravy Crew to demo Rules & Rodents at GaMaYo

It’s time to check in with another game that will be shown off at the next GaMaYo Day on Thursday 23rd November. As always it’s just as important to highlight the developers as well as the games they make, so we’ll be sharing a bit on both below.

This time round we are talking about…

Rules & Rodents

This is being developed by Gravy Crew (10/10 name) and we asked Spencer Hall to fill us in on what to expect?

Q. How would you describe Rules & Rodents?
Spencer – “A puzzling adventure where you help a plucky mouse through tricky traps, rumble with rapscallion rats, and overcome the restrictive rules of their labyrinthian tower.”

Q. How did development begin? Were there any key inspirations or ideas that drove you?
Spencer – “It originally started last year as a Game Jam entry for Junior Unity Game Devs. The theme was “One Rule”, the focus was to be “Language Independent” and it blossomed from there! The goal was to learn more with Unity and now the goal is to release a game with friends.”

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you into making games?
Spencer –
“Our team is called ‘Gravy Crew’ and consists of Spencer (Programmer), Ken (Art, Audio and Animation),  and Jojo (Producer). We hail from the north of England and started game dev-ing in game jams, as games are a passion for us all. Our focus is accessibility, making experiences anyone can enjoy.”

Q. What experiences or feelings do you hope to bring to the players?
Spencer –
“We want to bring that joy of “Aha!” to our players when finally figuring something out. It’s one of those feelings in games that never gets boring. We want people to love our rodent pals, and hope that their personality shines through!

It’s important that the experience sticks with the player. We want kids talking about it at school and adults arguing about it on image boards. The nightmare scenario is making something people consume then forget. Whether that’s through themes that they keep thinking about, music you find yourself humming, art you can doodle later, whatever, so long as something sticks.”

Q. In 10 words or less, highlight the appeal of Rules & Rodents?
Spencer –
“Turn the rat’s labyrinth against them by setting the rules!”

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