GaMaYo is for anyone in Yorkshire and the North of England that makes games including console games, handheld games, PC games, browser games, mobile games, tablet games, VR games, AR games, board games, location-based games.


You should be someone that has released a game, or is working on one right now, on any platform, digital or analogue. You are welcome to apply for membership of GaMaYo if you are one of the following:

  • Based in Yorkshire, the North East or North West of England (discretion will be used if you are outside of these areas)
  • A lone game creator looking for potential collaborators to co-develop games with.
  • A freelancer looking to network and find new contracts.
  • A local games studio looking to meet local talent.
  • A student at university/college that is working on and releasing games in addition to their coursework
  • An indie developer looking for occasional help, or feedback from their peers.
  • A remote worker that doesn’t get an opportunity to have a post-work beer and to talk ‘shop’ with their colleagues.
  • Someone already working in the games industry that wants to expand their network.
  • Someone that occasionally works on games as part of their job.

We recommend you join our Facebook group as that’s where most of our conversations take place. However, you are also free to just be contacted via email about our twice-yearly GaMaYo events.

If you would like to apply to join GaMaYo, please fill in this application form.

Please make sure you include examples of your games development activity with links – we want to know the games you are making outside of your games course for example. GaMaYo will reply to your application within two weeks.